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To the average person, 9/11 is a day to remember the collapse of the WTC in the year 2001.

What most people don’t know is that on September 11, 1973, a DEMOCRATICALLY elected socialist leader named Salvador Allende was killed by a military coup that was backed by the Nixon administration.

Why should you care?

Allende was one of the greatest presidents Chile had ever seen. In his three years of service, Allende nationalized large scale industries and returned them to the hands of the Chilean people, nationalized healthcare and education, implemented plans to critically increase employment,an emergency plan to create 120,000 residential buildings was launched, free milk was made available to nursing mothers, bread prices were fixed, 55,000 volunteers were sent to poor rural areas to assist in medical care and education, 3000 scholarships were granted to minority Mapuches children, the rate of inflation fell by 14% within a year while average wages rose by 22%, and these are but a few of the truly great things that Allende had accomplished.

Allende’s victory in the 1970 election was seen as a disaster by the Nixon administration and in September 1970, Nixon basically said to the CIA that an Allende government in Chile would not be acceptable and allocated $10 million USD to stop Allende from coming to power or unseat him.

Since Allende had won the election, on September 11, 1973, the US backed a Military coup that ended with the death of Allende, and in his place a militant dictator by the name of Augusto Pinochet took his place, a dictatorship that lasted for 16 years. During those years, more than 200,000 Chileans went into exile, between 30,000-60,000 Chileans were tortured, and inflation rose 1000%.

I have no sympathy for America on this day. The United States has caused pain and suffering on levels that their own people cannot understand or even acknowledge.

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Tribute to Salvador Allende and victims of the 1973 Chilean coup d’état in Santiago.

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